LED Clips & Rings


  • The devices go together by simply inserting the “clip” to the front of the panel, then assembling the LED into the “clip” from the rear of the panel. The “ring” is pressed onto the rear of the “clip” for a firm retention
  • Black
Part No.Ring MaterialClip MaterialLED TypeMounting Hole (mm)Panel Thickness (mm)"A" Ø (mm)"B" (mm)"C" (mm)"D" Ø (mm)"E" (mm)
LEDCR-104 UL94 V0 Nylon 6/6, RMS-43UL94 V0 Nylon 6/6, RMS-43T-1 (3mm)4.4 - 4.60.8 -
LEDCR-174 UL94 V2 Nylon 6/6, RMS-48UL94 V0 Nylon 6/6, RMS-43T-1-3/4 (5mm)6.8 - 6.90.8 -