Heavy Duty Ball Transfer - Hevi-Load


Carbon steel balls

  • Hevi-Load units are designed and manufactured to precise standards
  • A range of ball sizes that of fer load capacity from 35kg to 1000kg
  • This range will work at maximum capacity in temperatures from -30°C to +100°C
  • All Hevi-load units are anti-corrosive and have a black coated finish
Part No.Ball Size (mm)TypeD(mm)H(mm)h1(mm)h2(mm)h3(mm)d1(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)Dynamic Load (kg)Material
551026 12.7120.619.63.516.1-M816.235.835Carbon steel balls
551027 25.4144.548.35.635.8-M1224.172.4135Carbon steel balls
551028 38.116073.51348.5-M2040.8114.31000Carbon steel balls
551035 25.4244.541.45.64.835.84x5.657.244.5135Carbon steel balls
551034 38.126062.21312.449.24x7.176.257.91000Carbon steel balls
551042 25.4350.8136.1326.94x7.176.257.9320Carbon steel balls
551041 38.136025.41335.812.44x7.176.257.91000Carbon steel balls
551046 12.7420.619.63.516.1----35Carbon steel balls
551047 25.4444.541.45.635.8----135Carbon steel balls
551040 12.7525.628.53.18-25.425.4-25Carbon steel balls