Sealed and Panel Edge Grommet Nuts



  • Edge mounted U-Shaped grommet nut
  • Slides on to the sheet material
  • Alternative solution to threaded inserts
  • Can be used as an alternative to a clinch fastener
  • Panel jointing grommet nuts
  • Provides a threaded mounting for f ixing two panels together
  • Sealed to prevent moisture and material entering
Part No.Mounting StyleMounting Screw(mm)Panel Thickness 1(mm)Panel Thickness 2(mm)Length(mm)Width(mm)Mounting Hole Ø(mm)TypePanel Thickness(mm)Overall Length(mm)Grommet Head Size(mm)Mounting Hole Sqr(mm)
551634 Panel Edge MountingM60.5-1-
551635 Edge to Edge Panel Corner MountingM51.
551636 Edge to Edge Panel Corner MountingM61.41.823.031.59.02
551637 Panel Edge MountingM53-
551638 Panel Edge MountingM61.2-20.520.09.01
551639 Edge to Edge Panel MountM61.22.132.531.59.02
551640 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM231.3mm17.513.56 X 6
551641 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM532mm19.016.57.5 X 7.5
551642 Square Head Sealed Grommet NutM441-3mm23.516.8 x16.87.5 x 7.5
551643 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM631.5mm16.016.07.5 X 7.5
551644 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM431.0mm17.015.07.5 X 7.5
551645 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM631.0mm18.018.07.5 X 7.5
551646 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM631.7mm18.012.56.5 x 6.5
551647 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM331.9mm12.014.06 X 6
551648 Square Head Sealed Grommet NutM343.3mm13.010X106 X 6
551649 Round Head Sealed Grommet NutM531.35mm16.516.07 X 7
551650 Square Head Sealed Grommet NutM441-2.8mm17.016.5X16.57 X 7
Images for reference purposes only. Please review full drawing before purchase