Quarter Turn & Snap Latches



  • Ideal access panel fasteners
  • Snaps or quarter turn locks into position
  • Wide range of panel depths and mounting hole sizes
  • Permanent mounting solution
Part No.Mounting StyleTypePlunger Dia.(mm)Closed Height(mm)Grommet Head Dia.(mm)Grommet Depth(mm)Removable Panel ThicknessRemovable Panel Hole Dia.Fixed Panel ThicknessFixed Panel Hole Dia.Removable Panel Mounting HoleFixed Panel Mounting HoleTotal Panel DepthHead Dia
551660 Snap in Latch-Standard Panel1888.5113.5-4.16.2<66.4
551661 Snap in Latch-Standard Panel2748.5123.25-4.16.2<66.4
551662 Snap in Latch-Standard Panel1898.5113.5-4.16<66.4
551663 Snap in Latch-Thin Panel27.55.510.590.7-17<66
551664 Snap in Latch-Thick Panel27.5510.5124.9-5.37<67.7
551665 Snap in Latch-Standard Panel19.59.510.5113.5-4.17<68
551666 Round Quarter Turn Latch315.011.09 x 9mm9.5 x 9.5mm1.4-5mm15.0
Made of POM