Snap Latch


  • Plunger: UL94V2 Nylon 6, RMS-120
  • Grommet: UL94 V2 Polycarbonate, RMS-72

    • To install, push the grommet into the removable panel and then the desired plunger into the grommet. When the panel and plunger are pushed into the fixed panel, it locks them together
    • Simply pull on the plunger to remove the non-fixed panel
    • Grommet and mating plunger are sold separately
    Part No.Colour"W" (mm)"H" (mm)"L" Ref. (mm)Removable Panel Thickness "T" Max. (mm)Total Panel Thickness "T1" Min. - Max. (mm)Removable Panel Hole Ø Range "DR"Fixed Panel Hole Ø Range "DF"Mating Plunger Part No.Alternate Mating Plunger Part No.
    SLG-1L-B Black10.8291.62-4.27.5-7.78-8.2SLPB-1L-BSLPL-1L-
    SLG-2L-B Black10.82102.53-5.27.5-7.78-8.2SLPB-2L-BSLPL-2L-
    SLG-1M-B Black8.51.881.11.5-3.75.95-6.16.35-6.5SLPB-1M-B-
    SLG-2M-B Black8.
    SLG-3M-B Black8.
    SLG-1S-B Black6.51.27.612-44.5-4.64.7-4.8SLPB-1S-B-
    SLG-2S-B Black6.
    SLG-1L-W White10.8291.62-4.27.5-7.78-8.2SLPB-1L-WSLPL-1L-W
    SLG-2L-W White10.82102.53-5.27.5-7.78-8.2SLPB-2L-WSLPL-2L-W
    SLG-1M-W White8.51.881.11.5-3.75.95-6.16.35-6.5SLPB-1M-W-
    SLG-2M-W White8.
    SLG-3M-W White8.
    SLG-1S-W White6.51.27.612-44.5-4.64.7-4.8SLPB-1S-W-
    SLG-2S-W White6.